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A Sociological Introduction

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The new edition of Criminology: A Sociological Introduction builds on the success of the first edition and now includes two new chapters: Crime, Place and Space, and Histories of Crime. More than a collection of orthodox thinking, this fully revised and updated textbook is also ground in original research, and offers a clear and insightful introduction to the key topics studied in undergraduate criminology courses, including crime trends, from historical overview to recent crime patterns criminal justice system, including policing and prisons ways of thinking about crime and control, from the origins of criminology to contemporary theories research methods used by criminologists new topics within criminology including terrorism, cybercrime, human rights, and emotion The book is packed with contemporary international case studies and has a lively 2 colour text design to aid student revision. Specially designed to be accessible and user-friendly, the new edition is also supported by a fully interactive companion website which offers exclusive access to British Crime Survey data, as well as other student and lecturer resources.

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Aantal beschikbaar:1
Datum uitgifte:2009
Uitgever:Routledge, second edition, paperback, 530 pp.
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